It all started with a dusky candle container on a circle table around the most artistic minds in our family in a cold winter night, that's pretty much all of us except for our dog cooper who's busy burying his chews in that moment. Staring at that burning candle, we thought it could do better, and there we created the idea of what scented whites delivers. Scented whites is a family owned small business. Literally we are the ones making the products ourselves, so we supervise each other, to make sure we make good quality products to deliver to you, and after 126 trial jars, we finally created the perfect formula, perfect ingredients, & perfect temperature. Cleaner burn, cleaner scents. In our workshop, we do not only think of making great products, we think of how friends and families will have great experience burning candles, with no negative impact on health, which means created better with a higher standard. To get more personal, the theme of the company's visuals is inspired by our dog cooper, a family since 2015 who is half beagle and half Shih Tzu with brown, black and white colors, and some shades of Kraft boxes, and burnt candle wicks, dances on a Mexican band music and sleeps with Barbara Streisand's ballads, yeah, he is pretty unique. Back to our products, we also wanted to achieve not only premium scents but eco-friendly, nontoxic clean ingredients, to make sure you enjoy without compromise so we searched for many and found only the best, cleanest and one of the safest from trusted suppliers in the industry. Nevertheless, you will only get good stuffs.. We are happy that we have made it possible to have people access to premium products in this category.

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